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I. Introduction to the Criteria

The number of electronic resources available to libraries on a subscription/licensing basis continues to increase exponentially. As Cowles Library has moved into a truly multi-platform environment, making information resources available to its users in a variety of formats, both librarians and university faculty frequently initiate requests for subscriptions to new electronic products.

In order to give all requests due consideration and to insure that faculty understand the process by which we determine which titles to add to our collection, we have developed the following policy. In many ways it is simply an extension of our current collection development policy that was written for print resources. In addition, it incorporates additional criteria that are unique to online resources, such as technical requirements and archival capabilities.

II. Electronic Selection Criteria

Resources will be acquired with the intent of supporting the curriculum; that is, meeting the information and research needs of Drake students and representing value for the money. Faculty may request that a free electronic resource trial be initiated. The request should be addressed to the Librarian Liaison assigned to their College/School/Department, or by directing a request to Teri Koch ( The Electronic Resources Specialist will arrange the trial and announce the trial via e-mail to the library faculty and staff. Library Liaisons will forward this information to the department(s) most closely associated with the subject content of the resource. A part of this announcement will include the encouragement of feedback to the library. The trial will also be posted on the Trial Databases webpage so that anyone can demo the product and give their feedback via the Evaluation Form on the Trial Databases page. After the commencement of the trial, if the library has received two or more positive responses, the Library will consider subscribing to the resource. Note also that the library will consider joint purchasing through grant and Departmental funds. Purchases with joint funds will require special negotiations.

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