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Copy, Print and Scan at the Library

The Library participates in the Drake campus printing system. The campus printing system includes the ability to
print, make photocopies and scan documents to email.

Wireless printing can be done through the Papercut web printing option.

Step-by-step instructions for using Papercut Web Print, provided by Drake OIT.

Visitors to the Library and those holding special user cards are able to print from library computers and their own laptops using Guest card access. Guest cards can be purchased for $1.00 in the Library.  Additional value can be added to Guest cards through a cash/card swipe machine in the Library or online on the Papercut site.

Library staff are always available to answer questions and assist with using the campus system.

Useful Links:

Print/Copy Prices for Drake students, faculty, staff:

  • Single-sided Black/White:.05 per page
  • Single-sided Color: .25 per page
  • Duplex (Double-sided) Black/White: .04 per page
  • Duplex (Double-sided) Color: .24 per page


The library has two devices on the ground floor to read microfilm and microfiche. Both devices are capable of saving images to an external drive. Users may also print images at the standard printers.


While the library’s color copier/printer allows you to email scanned documents, the library also has a dedicated document scanner, located in front of the payments desk, that allows you to save scanned documents to a USB flash drive. There is no charge to use the scanner, but please provide your own flash drive.

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